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As inflation rose and the latest surge in the COVID-19 pandemic began to subside in early 2022, recovery practices – businesses that returned operations from abroad to the United States – continued to gain strength.

The movement has been growing for years.

The pandemic has given a national impetus to strengthening the domestic supply chain, especially key products, encouraging higher regeneration rates, ”he reported. Reshoring Initiative September 2021 Data Report.

And in a March 1 statement on the state of the Union, US President Joe Biden maintained his focus on the recovery, stating: “Instead of relying on foreign supply chains, let’s do it in America.”

U.S. companies looking for ways to do this – “do it in the Americas” – have a chance at UNICOR, which supports efforts to revive them into a often-forgotten federal program.

Founded in 1934, UNICOR trains inmates to earn a living by training. Under the supervision of the Federal Office of Prisons, UNICOR manufactures products for government, commercial and non-profit clients. The program operates from modern factories and offers a diverse range of production capabilities and specializations.

UNICOR is completely self-sufficient, does not receive any money from Congress, and operates at no cost to taxpayers.

In 2012, Congress introduced a provision in the Consolidated and Further Budgeting Act to encourage private sector cooperation with UNICOR. Article 221 gave UNICOR a repatriation authority, allowing it to participate in projects approved for the manufacture or assembly of items currently produced or otherwise produced outside the United States.

The First Step Act, formally the Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act, makes it even easier for companies to work with UNICOR. In 2018, the minutes were approved by Congress allows State and local governments, non-profit organizations, and commercial companies purchase UNICOR products.

In partnership with UNICOR, businesses are taking advantage of this legislation and are positioning themselves to increase operations in the United States.

“UNICOR is a proven and cost-effective way to maintain and return to work in the United States,” said Patrick O’Connor, UNICOR’s CEO.

UNICOR’s manufacturing and service capabilities include metals, wire and plastic, bundle repair, electronics, wood, textiles and energy conservation. And UNICOR’s infrastructure allows you to save on the costs of an offshore operation with the benefits of a home operation. The companies have seen the benefits:

  • “Made in the USA” marketing advantage.
  • Compliance with U.S. best practices, environmental standards, and industry performance standards (ISO)OSHA requirements and the most stringent military specifications.
  • Ability to mobilize, collaborate, and assemble without worrying about overseas flights, large time zone differences, and related communication challenges.
  • Manufacturing and growth capacity to meet the most demanding demands and cyclical markets.
  • The highest standards of business practice to promote a culture of trust and cooperation.
  • Available manpower.
  • Ability to set up manufacturing facilities to meet the specific needs of your product.

Customers confirm the high quality of the working relationship and the end product. As one puts it: “UNICOR has been nothing short of extraordinary: the guys in the back are replying to emails and giving certificates to genuine, fast, and excellent drivers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.”

The partnership with UNICOR has also affected thousands of people in prisons across the country, helping them to develop practical work skills for reintegration into society. Research has shown that those who participate in the UNICOR program are 24% less likely to return to criminal activity and 14% more likely to return to employment after imprisonment than non-participants.

Now UNICOR is also contributing to the growing business trend. The Reshoring Institute said in March that “We are seeing a huge increase in companies interested in recovering manufacturing … and reviewing their manufacturing strategies. These trends are happening in many sectors of industry and consumer products.”

These companies would do well to consider a federal effort like UNICOR, not only to help the U.S. economy, but also to get businesses back on U.S. shores, to help Americans rebuild their lives. The large and small businesses that have partnered with UNICOR have seen that they can contribute to society as a whole, increase their results and better serve their customers by relying on UNICOR’s high quality products and services.

To find out how UNICOR can help with your recovery efforts, contact UNICOR Business Development [email protected] or 202-305-3490.

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