Bent Pixels Asia expands its offerings in the Philippines in partnership with Tier One Entertainment

Bent Pixels Asia (BPA), YouTube’s leading premium sports esports and gaming revenue accelerator, has announced a partnership. Tier One EntertainmentA leading entertainment and entertainment company in the Philippines for gaming and esports, the creators of the latter have helped to accelerate revenue through YouTube’s reserved media offerings, as well as increase their skills as creators to produce quality content to attract their audience.

The partnership will also officially mark the expansion of BPA in the Philippines, with more than 43 million active players living, with 74% spending more than an hour a day playing online games. With this, it will bring its entire network of YouTube creators of premium games and esports to more than 400 people in the Philippine, Singapore, Indonesian, US and European markets, allowing advertisers to reach more than 300 million subscribers.

In partnership with BPA, the creators of Tier One Entertainment will be offering advertisers as part of YouTube’s Reserved Media offering, which provides brands to secure the ad space they seek rather than search through auction. Creators can unlock opportunities to raise their YouTube revenue by accessing branded content offerings and premium tools.

BPA will also offer creative development programs for Tier One Entertainment’s talented YouTube channels to help them grow their reach and subscriber base, and workshops to help them analyze and execute engaging video content, good practices, and will provide tools. In addition, the creators of Tier One Entertainment will help creators solve problems with YouTube channels.

Home to some of the most important sports and gaming characters, including Tier One co-founder Alodia Gosiengfiao and superstar OhMyV33nus and Wise Gaming Blacklist International, Tier One Entertainment now has more than 800 creators, combining hundreds of millions of followers on streaming and social media. on various platforms. In 2021, the company expanded to Japan through a partnership, and its esports label, Blacklist International, has won several professional league games, placing the team among the best in Southeast Asia.

Karl Mak, CEO and co-founder of Hepmil Media Group He said: “We are pleased to partner with Tier One Entertainment and its creators to offer advertisers more brand-safe advertising opportunities for a highly engaged audience in one of the growing esports markets worldwide. With our strength, we will help Tier One Entertainment to unlock new opportunities to make money, especially to increase video content profits and build a sustainable profit strategy through content tools and resources to grow their presence.

Tryke Gutierrez, CEO and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment He said: “We are pleased to be working with Hepmil Media Group and Bent Pixels Asia to enable more creators to turn their dreams into a profession. For years we have been saying: and we believe that Bent Pixels will help us fulfill our partnership with Asia.

BPA is a joint venture launched between Bent Pixels and Hepmil Media Group in 2021, a leading technology-driven media network in Southeast Asia, primarily for regional creators, digital talent agencies and export organizations to operate effectively and scale profits. YouTube. Other brands in the group include Hepmil Creators’ Network, SGAG, MGAG, PGAG media platforms, among others.

BPA has also partnered with major content creators in Southeast Asia, including Dyland PROS (15.4 million subscribers), HecaTroll (1.51 million subscribers), EVOS LJ (1.11 million subscribers), and also with a variety of game creators such as Kristian PH (3.1 million subscribers). ), and King FB (418k subscribers).

Bent Pixels Asia and Tier One Entertainment

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