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Educational opportunities

The Association of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (AAS) is accredited by the Association of Business School Programs (ACBSP).

This program can be transferred to an online bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Science at the University of Eastern Mexico. It is also partially transferable to the University of New Mexico and the Highlands University of New Mexico.

For more information on transfer options, contact the CNM School of Business and Information Technology (505) 224-3811.

Employment Outlook

Contact CNM Work Connection Services for information on Earning Fast Track Associate Degree.

Contact us

Email: [email protected]

CNM’s School of Business and Information Technology offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Business Administration (AAS), which can be obtained in less than two years.

The program was designed and taught by business and senior teachers from the School of Information Technology, who also have a background in working in the industry. This program is designed for professionals who work, whose days require their time and attention to work, family and other duties.

Classes in this program are offered in 7-week blocks: two quarterly blocks and one 7 and 12 week summer block. This quick approach to getting your degree is made easier by taking classes in the afternoon and online.

Please attend one of our briefings to learn more.

Please note: The Fast Track Program for Fall 2022 will offer two classes per week in person (face-to-face). If schedule changes need to be made due to COVID-19, the program will contact students to notify them.

Student benefits

  • Registration is quarterly and your classes are guaranteed to be offered quarterly.
  • You receive a Windows laptop.
  • E-books are included in each course.
  • Dinner is served prior to each face-to-face class session from 5:00 to 5:30 p.m.
  • Central parking is available.
  • The support and mentoring provided during the program includes:
    • Alumni
    • Faculty
    • Workers
    • School counselor
    • School Achievement Coach
    • CNM Job Connection Services


The tuition fee for the Fast-Track Business Administration Program is $ 8,999.00. This is a flat rate that fully covers the duration of the program.


Fill out the Free Application for Student Support (FAFSA) and contact a CNM Financial Aid Advisor. We support all types of federal and state financial aid, including Pell Grant and Student Loans. We also support the following payment methods:

  • VA Benefits
  • Reimbursement / Reproduction of Employer Education
  • Third Party Payment
  • Personal payment
  • Payment Plans Available

Conditions for admission and application

  1. Apply to CNM
    Submit official transcripts from any of the previous universities in which you have participated.
  2. Take the Accuplacer test to get the right placement for college-level courses.
    If you have been taking Accuplacer for the past five years, these scores may be considered for accurate location. Accuplacer exams can be taken at any CNM Assessment Center.
    • Reading and writing requirement
      • Reading score = 257 or higher OR WritePlacer Score = 6 or higher
    • Math requirement
      • Quantitative Reasoning Score = 234 or higher OR Arithmetic score = 264 or higher
  3. Apply Fast-Track BA Software
    You must submit this separate online request along with a personal statement from the participants.

Attempts to participate are used in part to determine your right to be admitted to the program. You should discuss your background, your current work experience, and your goals (things that motivate you to participate in this fast-paced program) in a paragraph essay format.

Dates and deadlines for applications

Deadline for applications

July 22, 2022

Compulsory Orientation August 23, 2022
First Day of Class August 29, 2022

Information Sessions

Guk strongly encouraged you can attend an information session to learn more about the program structure, application process, grants, or any other questions you may have. Sessions are held on Tuesdays at noon and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Class schedule

Classes are held two nights a week from 5:30 to 8:20 p.m., and also include networking. By the fall of 2022, we will have two classes live (face-to-face) and one class online. Both face-to-face and online classes must be attended for the program.

  • Autumn Cohort Nights: Tuesday and Thursday

Program Courses

Students in the program will take three (3) classes in each block for each 7-week block.

Course Class Number of credit hours
BUS 1130 Business Professionalism 3
BUSA ​​1180 Business Mathematics 3
BCIS 1110 Basics of Information Literacy and Systems 3
BUS 1110 Company Introduction 3
ACCT 2110 Accounting Principles I 3
BUS 1115 Business English 3


Mathematical survey 3
BUS 2460 Business Ethics 3
ENGL 1210 Technical Communications 3
MGMT 2110 Management principles 3
ACCT 2120 Accounting Principles II 3
AMST 1140 Race, class and ethnicity 3
ENTR 1110 Entrepreneurship 3
MKTG 2110 Principles of marketing 3
BLAW 2110 Business Law 3
BCIS 2217 MS Excel 3
BUS 2240 Customer Service in Business 3
BUSA ​​2120 Global Business Introduction 3
BUS 2220 Human Resources Management 3
ECON 2110 Principles of macroeconomics 3
BUS 2999 Capstone Company 1

If you have any questions about the course sequence or requirements, please contact your BIT School Advisor.

Class location

Smith Brasher Hall
CNM Main Campus
900 University Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Note on Fall 2022: Classes will be held primarily face-to-face (face-to-face) with some online classes.

According to CNM’s Covid-19 Policy, all students must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exception. If you have an approved exception, you must take and pass a weekly COVID-19 test (the weekly COVID-19 test must be taken seven days before the previous test).


You can ask for more information or ask frequently asked questions.

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