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Former lab scientist Alexis Staten recently joined Workforce Genetics (WFGX) as a Life Science recruitment. Alexis brings unparalleled customer care and laboratory experience to her new assignment. Workforce Genetics joins a growing team of experienced and growing biopharmaceutical talent and joins Paul Streng, another recently hired, as the former scientist became a life science contractor.

The WFGX content team recently spoke with Alexis to discuss his background and his journey as the newest member of the WFGX recruitment team.

You recently graduated with a degree in biology from Morgan State University. What motivated you to enter the life sciences?

My sixth grade teacher was really inspired by Ms. Marshall, as well as my other science teachers from that level.

Mrs. Marshall was my first female science teacher. Eventually it was inspiring to see a woman teaching science. It was an interesting way to teach science to my teacher, so when I got into college I knew I was going to get a science-based degree and I chose biology.

My love for biology grew and I knew that my career would be in some aspect of science.

Why did you decide to make the leap from laboratory to life sciences recruitment?

I reached a point in my career where I felt the need for a change after being in the lab for a while. I started looking for another job and asked myself if I wanted another job in the lab or if I wanted a change.

That’s when I spoke Laura Frew He was hiring at Workforce Genetics for an open job.

Talking to Laura — she was so easy to talk to, and she was so kind, and I felt like I knew her forever after talking to her for the first time — reminded me of what I was missing in my current job. I realized that I was missing out on talking to and meeting new people. I like to connect with people.

After talking to Laura, I was intrigued by what she did and went to the Workforce Genetics website and saw how the family group was. I’m a very familiar person and I thought it was a good match. There was a job and I applied for the job.

Laura really encouraged me to take a chance.

I always thought that using my science experience should be in the lab, it was a misconception. I was able to talk to people every day and still use my scientific experience so I chose to make a change in hiring and join Workforce Genetics.

How has WFGX culture helped you make this transition from lab to recruitment?

Everyone here is very helpful and encouraging to ask questions or ask for help. The culture is very open and friendly. Like my colleague Heather he always says, “If you need help, feel free.” You never bother me. ‘ Laura and Chris are like that too.

Often people offer support because they feel they need it, but here it really means. It’s real here. It’s great for getting rid of stress, especially when you’re just starting out and making a career change.

It’s great to know if you’ve ever struggled or need help helping your colleagues.

What are your customer care and science backgrounds when it comes to hiring life sciences?

I started doing customer service and working with senior contacts for a government contract. I dealt with all the different people at different levels, and that’s similar to hiring. I feel like that prepared me for this role. I learned to communicate with people of all kinds.

From a scientific point of view, I can understand what scientists are talking about and what they are looking for. I know what it’s like in the lab. I relate to job seekers and can empathize with them and relate them to the right position for their needs and personality. My lab experience will also help me find the right candidates for employers. You want to match the right skills and personality with the right job.

What are some key components to building strong customer relationships and how do you maintain these partnerships over time?

I never want to feel like the only transactional relationship. It is important to build a relationship. It is more important to check the candidate and employer boxes than yours. I want to balance the needs of candidates and employers. I always want to check with the job seeker and the hiring manager. I want the answer and be available. There is always a take-it-or-leave-it; I want to find that middle ground between the candidate and the hiring company. This way you get the best fit for both relationships.

Also, I always try to remember to have fun and avoid becoming a robot. I believe that my clients can feel that energy and passion and that I have a long way to go to establish and maintain strong relationships.

What do you think about providing a great candidate experience?

The excellent experience of the candidates is to establish an excellent flow and back-and-forth dialogue. Then you can identify what they are looking for, what they are open to. I need to know what they want and what they don’t need in order to be given opportunities. Building a relationship is about understanding who you are working with.

I want to say that the people I put at the end of the process feel that I have answered their questions, that I have been very informative and that I have had as many answers as possible. Candidates not only take a job; I want to love their work. I want them to have a great experience with me but an even better experience with the company.

What are some of your hobbies and hobbies?

I enjoy spending time with my family. We are really close. I have a son and I love being with him. I’m aimed at the super family. I have a lot of families around, so we’re always doing things together.

I’m definitely a spring and summer person and I enjoy being away. I like being out in the pool, exercising or going to the beach and when I don’t do that, I like to relax and watch sessions like Stranger Things.

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