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Every day someone says or does something that earns them contempt on the internet. Here at Digg, as part of our mission to take care of what the Internet is talking about right now, we’ve brought together the main characters of Twitter this past week and made them responsible for their actions.

This week’s characters include a guy who thinks crypto has never been universally loved, a random person who doesn’t know much about F1 racing, and a fellow congressman who doesn’t know the wonders of television magic.


Bobby Goodlatte

Character: Bobby Goodlatte, a Twitter user, investor, a person with a clear attitude towards NFT

Plot: On Monday, startup investor Bobby Goodlatte took to Twitter to share an amazing take-it-or-leave-it: It’s only become known in recent months as a critique of NFT art, and anyone who does it now is jumping on the bandwagon. “Where were they all 6 months ago?” he asked. “You have the right to a return of victory only if you say nonsense when it has had a social cost. When it was unknown to say. ‘

Confused. They have never been in the majority in favor of NFT; by no means did people who were laughing at the fungus art go boldly against the situation. Most people are at least skeptical about the rise of blockchain-based art.

Echo: People on Twitter quickly pointed out to Bobby, and told him that many people have been criticizing NFT art for a long time, and that none of them were daring or doing it at “social cost” (what does that mean?).

Darcy Jimenez

A boy named Paul

Character: Paul, literally someone in Britain who doesn’t like “leftists”

Plot: In a now-deleted tweet, a guy named Paul wrote about F1 presenter Naomi Schiff, saying she was incapable of commenting on the sport because she had no F1 experience.

For the most part, such people fly under the radar since 2000 and later, but the F1 community does not forgive stupidity. Schiff started introducing Formula 1 this year, and has nearly a decade of professional driving experience, which I can safely say is worth more in decades than the comfort of racing cars enjoying the speed of a screen-mounted belly.

Echo: Schiff shook himself, and it was time for Lewis Hamilton to be in his corner until Paul Bigman’s tweet was deleted.

But it was the real fans of the race who pointed out how stupid it was for Schiff, who has been playing ass on the track for years for his new concert.

Schiff answers:

Wait Patil


Greg Steube

Character: Deputy Greg Steube (R-Fla.), A Florida man, voted to invalidate the results of the 2020 election, not a fan of the Communist News Network.

Plot: On Thursday, Congressman Steube criticized the January 6 election to the House Election Committee, saying it was a form of publicity to get CNN ratings, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said he allowed CNN to “build the whole TV” inside the Capitol building.

“If you forgot the # January6thcommitteeauditiones fake, it’s only TV ratings, [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi] Let the Communist News Network build the entire television channel where Abraham Lincoln’s desk was, “Steub tweeted.

Actually, the cable news network was using the background of the green screen in Statuary Hall, a press representative of Nancy Pelosi gently told Steube.

Echo: Steub later deleted his tweet, but CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski took a screenshot for his followers and received widespread ridicule on Twitter because he was unfamiliar with green screen technology.

James Crugnale


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