Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson have highlighted Cowherd’s “QB pressure cooker”

In every starting quarterback NFL he is under pressure to do so.

Just as each player’s skill set is different, so is each coach, roster, and management. All of these factors affect the different pressure levels that a QB is exposed to each season.

Colin Cowherd on Wednesday’s “The Herd” session assessed the levels of many of the league’s most reputable signal callers.

Here is its distribution:

Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers highlights Colin’s QB pressure cooker scale

Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers highlights Colin’s QB pressure cooker scale

In today’s Best for Last, Colin Cowherd plays “QB Pressure Cooker,” where he determines how much pressure QBs like Derek Carr, Justin Herbert, and Zach Wilson have.

Low pressure: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Colin’s thoughts: “He got his money. The Packers weren’t aggressive [in the offseason]. He has nothing to prove, and this may be his last year. I think she is comfortable and feels comfortable. He has a Super Bowl, a legacy, and they are in favor of winning the level, so I don’t think there’s a lot of pressure. “

Medium pressure: Eagles QB Jalen hurts, Raiders QB Derek Carr, Chargers QB Justin Herbert, Cardinals QB Kyler Murray

Colin’s thoughts:

Minak: “All his criticism, he took to the playoffs. He’s worried about accuracy problems. He can’t complete 59% of his shots. He has to convince Jeffrey Lurie and Nick Sirianni that they can meet 60%. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Karra: “He got ahead of Adams. But again, the new GM, the new coach, the tough division. I think if they went 10-7, [that’s good.] I don’t think anyone chooses them to win the level. Most people don’t choose to be a playoff team. That’s where his pressure comes from: they have very good attacking pieces, and they don’t have to make the knockout, but they have to work. “

Herbert: “There is a lot of pressure on the coach [Herbert’s] good. The question is, will they be in the fourth and 10th team again? I think the staff is under a lot of pressure because he was the best quarterback who didn’t get into the playoffs. If they fight in end-of-game situations, Brandon Staley will have to answer. “

Murray: “It’s good, it’s established. It saved the franchise, and it’s gotten better year after year. I think Kliff Kingsbury has more pressure than him because his team is getting worse every year late. I think that’s in Kliff. I think the pressure “They’ll pay him and he wants to do it. I’ll pay him tomorrow if I’m a cardinal. If you don’t, who will you start next year?”

High pressure: Commanders QB Carson Wentz, 49ak QB Trey Lance, Bears QB Justin Fields, Bronchi QB Russell Wilson, Jetsak QB Zach Wilson

Colin’s thoughts:

Lance: “Shanahan [creates] winning culture. Along with Jimmy Garoppolo, they won Green Bay in the playoffs. He is 22 years old and needs a year to prepare. More than 400 days. This coach wins games with each quarterback. So if he fights, it’s not Kyle, it’s Trey Lancen. ‘

Wentz: “This is his last shot. [Colts owner] Jim Irsay said it was a big mistake [to acquire him]. He is below .500 as a starter in his last two years. [The Commanders have] you have a problem with the owner, and you need to win that division. I think they have the best defense staff at the front level. So I think there’s a lot of pressure on him. “

Areas: “It’s Chicago, it’s the Bears, so there’s always pressure. But they’ve been very bad at quarterback, not like the intensity of Trey Lance. They haven’t won a playoff game in 12 years, but I think you did. They have to show me something. Remember, next year is a great draft for the quarterback, and if he struggles, there will be some people with the Bears, who say, “Hey, it’s a mistake.”

Russell Wilson: “He’s a new coach. Let’s just say they don’t win the Super Bowl, but they’re in the playoffs. You can say, ‘Well, Andy Reid.’ [Bill] Belichick or [Sean] McVay [it’d be different]. The list is good, so he has to win. “

Zach Wilson: “Accuracy problems, very inconsistent. The Jets will give him one more year. This is not a good team, they will probably be ranked fourth. They will have the top 10 in the next draft. The year, and the quarterback is a great draft. joke.The Jets want to find their next Namath, they left. [Sam] Darnold, they’re leaving. New York is impatient, and Wilson was very volatile last year. “

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