2022 NFL Season – Weak Division Winners Rankings, from the Bengals to the strong Buccaneers

Year after year, the image of the NFL playoffs looks different. It seems obvious, but we often assume that the candidates from last season will return to the mix. In fact, everything is unexpected: division winners, wildcards, Super Bowl favorites. With this in mind, we decided to rank each of the top 2021 teams from the weakest in the 2021 campaign.

Who will keep the crown of his division? Who will lose the most? Here is our summary, from the strongest to the strongest:

1. Bengals (AFC North)

2021 record: 10-7 | Business series: 1 season

It’s not that we’re down in flares. Joe Burrow and their playmakers are the real deal, and they sensibly directed the O-line. The defense is also underestimated. But they have a tough calendar with a completely wild ending (the round of 16 is against the projected playoff teams), and the division is always tight. It would be unpredictable if at least two of the rivals did not compete for the title; The Ravens should be much healthier, the Steelers never have a loser Mike Tomlin, and the Browns still have a lot of talent.

2021 record: 12-5 | Business series: 1 season

When was the last time Dallas gave hype? The answer is the 1990s, the last time they published one-off seasons with double-digit victories. The NFC East, meanwhile, has not repeated the title since 2001-2004. The Giants are in complete transition, and the Commander is still changeable with Carson Wentz in the middle, but the Eagles seem ready to take a leap, and the Cowboys, despite being game-creators on both sides, still have question marks in front of them. is the most important.

3. Titans (AFC South)

2021 record: 12-5 | Business series: Season 2

Tennessee is the perfect centerpiece here. Mike Vrabel’s team is always tough, and they are still poised to win by the end of the year, with Derrick Henry returning healthy. Joining Malik Willis in QB could also spark something central, both as a motivation for Ryan Tannehill and as a more electric heir. And then there’s the South, which could be another challenge for the Colts, led by Matt Ryan, but it also rebuilds the Jaguar and takes on the unfortunate Texans. The concern is that they have already reached the ceiling.

4. Leaders (AFC West)

2021 record: 12-5 | Business title set: Season 6

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes feel like Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are in this together while in Kansas City, it feels stupid to bet on a division title; the leaders have won at least 10 games in seven consecutive seasons. But if you’ve ever announced a small setback, why not now? Their schedule is tough, they’ll adjust after the Tire Hill Hill, and while the new-looking Raiders don’t live up to expectations, the Broncos and Chargers should be legitimate rivals considering their QB star.

5. Rams (NFC West)

2021 record: 12-5 | Business title set: 1 season

Normally, the West is pretty open, but there are bigger questions than usual with three rivals: The Cardinals have a wild schedule, not to mention some of the underlying QB dramas; The 49ers are returning the keys to an unproven Trey Lance; and Seahawks will be asked to replace Geno Smith and / or Drew Lock Russell Wilson. It’s the Rams ’department if they want to, as long as Matthew Stafford plays head to head and holds on to his All-Pro support in tough stretches.

6. Packers (NFC North)

2021 record: 13-4 | Business title set: Season 3

Davante Adams is now gone with a bit of hesitation about his chances of going the distance and Aaron Rodgers will theoretically have to work a little harder to get the points he wants. But Matt LaFleur and Matt LaFleur haven’t won less than 13 games in a season since they formed the team, and their defense has more of a side. Perhaps more importantly, Bears and Lions are on their way to being a little more than pushovers. The Vikings only seem like a potential threat, and are adapting to a whole new staff.

7. Invoices (AFC East)

2021 record: 11-6 | Business title set: Season 2

The Josh Allen effect. QBs don’t rock in every division race, but in this case they do. Allen and Buffalo’s playoff-ready supporting actors are far more explosive than anything in Miami, New England, and New York. Sean McDermott’s defense should be as stingy as it is. That doesn’t mean the Dolphins or Jets won’t be better, or that the Belichick Patriots won’t play spoilers. But the Bills have been flirting with the real title competition for several seasons now, and their lineup remains deadly.

2021 record: 13-4 | Business title set: 1 season

Look no further than the man in the middle. Since Tom Brady returned from “retirement,” they’ve become the story of the NFC, if not the NFL. The transition from Bruce Arians to Todd Bowles is underestimated by the X-factor, but Brady is still in his prime at 44, and his weapon remains elite. Meanwhile, the Saints are still playing in the game, but they have questions in the QB and coach, the Panthers are on the same boat and the Falcons may have the worst roster in the league.

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